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Audi America names Canadian exec for top spot

Audi America has named Daniel Weissland, CEO of VW Canada, as its new president, amid slumping sales and a leadership void.

Subaru has the right idea

An Automotive News reader predicts other automakers will "love" Subaru's advertising campaign.

Jaguar plots its shift to a focus on crossovers

In the coming years, the brand will expand its crossover lineup, sharing underpinnings with its Land Rover stablemate, and using electric drive components developed through an agreement with Germany's BMW.

Tesla burning through execs like cash

Its executive turnover is about 27 percent annually, the highest among seven companies in a comparison by a Wall Street analyst.

In a disruptive future, carmakers need to partner with retailers

Carmakers and retailers should partner to weather the future forces of technology and competition.