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GM emissions reversal part of path forward

GM's reversal on the issue of whether California can set its own emissions standard is aimed at taking an active role in discussions with President-elect Joe Biden.

GM gives itself more control over selling EVs

The automaker will dole out inventory based solely on customer orders and is asking dealers to use no-haggle pricing. The automaker even asserts the right to limit GMC dealers' interactions with Hummer buyers.

Nissan split would be a blow to Mitsu

A disputed report that Nissan would sell off its stake in Mitsubishi comes at a delicate time for the junior alliance partner as it grapples with massive losses.

2020 All-Stars navigated a year unlike any other

This year's class gets credit for leadership during one of the biggest threats to America since the early days of the industry.

Will turbo Mazdas draw luxury buyers?

Mazda is adding turbocharged options in more models as it moves upmarket. At the same time, it's offering a smaller engine to push down the entry price for mainstream buyers.