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Making the hard call to close store

When one of his employees' siblings tested positive for coronavirus, the chairman of a Michigan Ford dealership acted quickly, shuttering the store for two weeks and switching commissioned workers to a daily pay rate. 

In Japan and Korea, the show goes on

Japan and South Korea carried on as business-as-usual in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping their auto factories open until now. But the economic contagion is finally catching.

How self-driving star fell off course

Anthony Levandowski is a genius, albeit a flawed one, some say. After a career marked by technology triumphs and a generous dose of controversy at Uber and Google, the autonomous-driving pioneer now faces his greatest obstacle yet: possible prison time.

As deaths grow, when to reopen the plants?

Mid-April appears to be the earliest that most North America production could resume, but the deaths of at least four UAW members at FCA underscore the worries many workers have about returning to the factory floor.

Suppliers' factories could aid medical push

Suppliers are scrambling to evaluate what tooling, worker retraining and quality control assurance they need to start producing medical items quickly.